Meet Sweet Janna Lea

Cookie decorating began as a hobby. I've been decorating cookies for over 8 years for family and friends as well as supporting nonprofits by donating cookies to help with fundraising, or to bring a smile to a child impacted by a critical illness through the Icing Smiles organization. I have also shared my learned skills with other bakers aspiring to create edible art by teaching basic cookie decorating classes.

What's in a name? My maternal grandmother gave me my birth name from a folk song, "Sweet Janna Lea" though I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling of the song title--so if you ever run across the lyrics or music, please share. With this namesake, it seemed fitting to use the name for my business.

I was very close to my maternal grandparents and would love to bake for them, especially for my grandfather who would praise my confections and tell me how whatever I baked was "too beautiful to eat". He was a very clever man because his praise inspired me to bake more which meant more goodies for him, and now for you!